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It was always Gods first intention to dwell among his people, to be present in our lives and to have a- face to face relationship with us,  if we go back to the very beginning when God created Adam and Eve his garden was their home, and they could talk to God and eat the very fruits he have created, Adam even had the authority to give name to the animals God have created! but sin was what set them apart from God.. Still throat the bible God wanted to have relationship with people- like Moses who saw God face to face, or like David who had a close relationship with God.  That is why he have sent his only beloved son, so that the veil will be torn and we will have the complete access to our heavily Father and from now on we will be Gods temple, that he could rest within us and work in and through us.   It starts in the holy of holiest, not in the courtyard of the temple but from the deepest place- that is where he wants to dwell, where we unit with him. 
I have come to k…

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